Launch: May 2022

Swapsicle is a DEX partnership with PCC. 

Their goal is to bring added honesty, trust, transparency and professionalism to the table.

PCC will retain 15% of all transaction fees from Swapsicle


Launch: July 2022

Spectrum is the first NFT marketplace designed by artists for artists!

• It costs less than half to mint your NFT collection on Spectrum than it does on other leading marketplaces.
• Artists using Spectrum can easily and automatically assign their royalties to up to 20 people of their choosing.
• Spectrum makes NFTs more accessible to the everyday artist who can't afford the overhead associated with other marketplaces.
• Spectrum is designed to benefit those in the art community instead of a group of shareholders.



Launch: October 2022

Non fungible you. Top secret. It will be worth the wait!
Software Application Patented by PCC.
Wholly owned by PCC.

Combat Waffle Studios

Launch: March  2023

Combat Waffle Studios is a veteran-owned VR Game Studio which is an integral part of the Phoenix Community Capital ecosystem. They are developing several games with the premier title, "Ghosts of Tabor." CWS strives to bring the best player experience to its customers by creating a full immersion experience in all of its titles.


Launched:  April 2022

Firebirds is an NFT project funded, designed and built by PCC community members to provide exposure to Phoenix Community Capital at a lower entry cost.